Windows Phone 7– Calendar

Early review – day 2

As my previous blog entries may bear out that I am a long time user of what is now acctcalsWindows Live.  The calendar has always been useful but a odd little ball of wax.  Things like birthdays are considered a separate calendar, want to import calendar items (i.e. the schedule for a favorite NHL team) that goes into a separate calendar. 

Tying that into Windows Phone… the Live tile has a nice calendar tie in… Well it would be superb if Windows Live EAS included all calendars, or at least let you pick a number of calendars.

There is a way to get easy access to your full calendar.  It lacks the live information and display niceties but helpful.  Navigate your phone’s browser to, since your phone is authenticated it should go right to your calendar.  Notice it shows the items for all calendars in that view.  Click on the “…” option on the bottom of the screen and pin the page to your start page.  Not ideal but a little more convenient.


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