Windows Phone 7– Word Docs

Early Review – Day 2

I have not had much chance to really dive deep into this phone, so some of this might be easier but I wanted to relay what to me is a pretty positive experience.

Having a office type suite on a phone is not really revolutionary, but in the past it was a crippled free version as where on this phone the products are robust and seem very suited for use on a phone.  I was however a little frustrated that the documents in a Windows Live account were immediately listed.  Looking at the Photo hub, the phone finds the photos I have uploaded to without any configuration.

Again, I hadn’t really had a chance to dig into using Office on the phone and I had read how to get OneNote notebooks to synch to the phone so I figured I would have to do some digging.  Before I could, I needed to access two Word documents that I knew I had in my collection.  I was in a hurry so I basically followed the OneNote steps.  Using the phone’s web browser (hmmmm seems to work despite certain tech pundits bashing it) I went to, found the document and downloaded it.  Once the file is downloaded you can then open it.  I made some changes and then used the “Send” option to send the file via email.

Without really digging into it, and no need for an additional “app” I was able to quickly find a document stored in the “cloud”, open it with a solid version of the same application it was created in, and then sent via email.  This was a very positive experience, and sorry but not something that could have been done as easily, especially with a basically pristine Android device.

The downside is now I have multiple copies of the file, so any changes I made to the copy now are not replicated to the version on  Another slight annoyance is with the email client in Windows Phone 7; you can only attach pictures when replying to an email.


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