Windows Phone 7– Just Having Fun

Admittedly I have not really been able to explore this phone.  I will say the user experience is real nice.  A few things that I need to focus a little more on but with work and school I just haven’t sat down and played with it.  That says something, right out of the box it has done what I expect my phone to do and a great deal more.  Not a knock but being a Windows Live fan and user trying to get an Android device to access what I wanted to access was just not easy.  Well one of the small features that I think just makes it a cool device is the lock screen.  With a quick glance (not playing on those “Really” commercials but they do make sense) you have the vitals such as calendar items and the message counts, missed calls.  Again not a knock but with my Droid experience it was there but not as clean. 

So today, being a veteran, I really thought the image on here in the United States was worth respecting.  So with the Bing Pictures Download app installed I was able to find the picture and save it to my phone.  Then I changed the Lock Screen Wallpaper.  Like the heading stated I was just having fun….



5 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7– Just Having Fun

  1. I am in desperate need of a new phone. I currently have a Windows Mobile 6.1 device, and I am ready to just smash it. There are about a million things that bug me about my current phone.

    Are there/will there, be apps for the new Windows Phone 7 OS?

    • There are apps already in the marketplace and the list is growing rapidly. Considering even I can write a basic app with the tools provided, I expect to see the market grow. I give you the Purple Heart for carrying that WinMo device for so long!

  2. Yeah, I need to upgrade.
    But I hear that this phone was rushed to market and lacks the following:

    No hot-swap SD cards without having the phone reset to factory settings.
    No ability to connect to hidden wireless (Wi-Fi) hotspots
    No tethering to a computer
    No videocalling
    No VoIP calling
    No USB mass-storage
    No universal email inbox
    no system-wide file manager
    No Bluetooth file transfers
    No custom ringtones
    No support for Office documents with security permissions
    No IPsec security
    No internet sockets

    I am concerned…

    • Yes, this is early adopter level. When you say “this phone” are you referring to the OS or the handful of devices? The hot swap as I understand is specific to the Samsung Focus, according to Samsung it was easy enough for the user but Microsoft raised the flags that they were seeing inconsistencies. AT&T was backing up Samsung until actual launch day when they broadcast to warn users, and if you look at the device there is a microSD slot with a STOP label on it. No connecting to hidden wifi… yeah xbox had the same problem too, emphasizing “had”. Thinks like video and VOIP were just not considerations for me since I use Skype. Tethering and filemanager, hmmmm I heard the same complaints about Android and when the 2.2 update finally rolled out we had it. Universal email inbox? I like the seperate inboxes but I guess thats just a personal preference. No custom ringtones does suck but not a big deal for me. Office with security… well if you have sharepoint 2010 maybe but curious how important that is. IPsec/Sockets…. yeah no VPN, it is more of a consumer device but since it has already been jailbroken expect that to change.

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