Windows Phone 7 – Samsung Out of Focus

Just angry… I am enjoying my Windows Phone 7 experience.  Coming from a Droid I have found this to be very clean.  It certainly isn’t perfect but that seems to be how this market rolls.  My anger is more about the device at this point.  The drama over adding memory to the Samsung Focus started before the launch and have continued.  Today I read where a list of “certified” cards are now available.  I find it funny that they are Class 2 cards, just seems odd since I make sure I get much higher rated cards for my DSLR.  I just can’t understand why Samsung would even consider 8GB enough for a device to be not just a phone but also a Zune player.  I also think Microsoft is accountable here since they establish the hardware levels devices needed to meet.  Okay so I found the exact card on Amazon and one is on its way… I am expecting it to be a real pain to add to the OS, but fingers crossed.

Already disappointed with all of this, I started using my device, just sparingly synching my large Zune Pass collection closely managing the free space within the 8GB of system memory.  There was an annoyance, and I just pawned it off on generation 1 of the device and Operating System.  I examined the face of the phone and there appear to be two little recesses, surely one of them is where the LED resides.  You know the little light that blinks to inform you of a missed call, unread messages have arrived, etc…  I think there has been a similar reminder mechanism on phones I have had since… my guess before my Razr.  Checking the specs on the device… NOPE neither of those are an LED light… one is a proximity sensor (to determine if the device is in your pocket, or something like that the manual says; seems pointless to me) and the other is a light sensor.  Sure this omission doesn’t render the device completely unusable and I am sure I get an added 2 seconds a day of battery life, but it sure seems pretty amateur.  Where this is really funny is I think the “Really” commercials Microsoft has been using, seems to come right back around… having to refresh my phone constantly seems to fly in the face of those commercials. 

Speaking of the Microsoft commercials for Windows Phone 7; I was playing NHL 2K10 on my XBox early this morning and noticed that the in games advertisements (display on the boards all around the rink) were all Windows Phone 7 ads.  While it makes sense it is interesting to see an old game with current ads…


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