Windows Phone 7–Focus and MicroSD

So, the list of approved MicroSD cards was published and it was time to get this phone to the level it needed to be.  Looking at the part numbers listed, I was able to find the card on Amazon much cheaper.  Card arrived, I checked through the instructions I had seen posted here.

Setup for adding the approved microSD card to a Samsung Focus

As the About screen shows I had consumed half of the 8GB of the base memory.  Because of the 8GB limit I had been very judicious in terms of what Zune content I synched to the phone, and since I hadn’t really started testing the camera (still preferring my camera only device) so there was not much in pictures and I really hadn’t gone beyond a few standard applications.


Phone About/Storage information after installing MicroSD and performing a Reset

Physical installation is pretty easy and the card really isn’t visible once installed, so it was pointless to post a picture of that.  Powered the phone up, did the reset and after the phone rebooted the card was online (as shown in the picture).  Luckily I have only had the phone for a few days and was waiting for word on the upgrading, knowing a reset would have to occur, because the phone is completely wiped.  Now that isn’t as bad as it seems since most of the content was in either my Windows Live skydrive or Zune collection. 

Phone is backup, appears to be functional with the added storage available.  Now to reinstall a few apps.  Attached to my laptop for the Zune synch, added it back in and the synch started flawlessly.  Next test, can I leave my Zune at home and just carry this device as my phone and media player for music and podcasts…..


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