Windows Live – Writer

Watching my twitter stream I saw a reference to Windows Live Writer.  This article is simple and to the point.  I think its great to see this type of article because I think, while it might not be perfect, if you post blog entries it is a great tool and is just a little part of Windows Live Essentials.  I currently use Windows Live Writer to post to a corporateimage SharePoint blog, as well as my personal blogs (one here on WordPress and blogger).  While development seems to have slowed, there are some pretty useful plug-ins that add to the blogging capabilities of this tool, but in general it works well right out of the box… ummmm I mean right from the download.  Just an FYI, if you had installed Windows Live Essentials 2011 when it was realeased, there is a newer version, a QFE in this case, that doesn’t seem to be part of Windows Update or publicized anywhere but if you download and run the wlsetup-web.exe it will update all but two products.  I am guessing this is just a minor fix and only needed in specific cases, hence why it is not something being pushed, but I like to keep it current.

I think for anyone using a Windows machine, Windows Live Essentials, is as it’s name would imply, essential. 


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