Windows Phone 7 – The Good parts of Media Player

My last post pointed out why I won’t be retiring my ZuneHD64.  With all of that said I do have to point out to some very good features.

The media controls from the Lock Screen is a very convenient feature.  Without un-locking the screen you can manipulate and see the volume controls, you can also pause, play, move forward or go back.  Using the volume only control you can raise or lower the level without even bringing up the lock screen, but with the lock screen up you can see the number and graphic representation of the volume level.  With a password associated to unlock the lock screen, the ability to access the media controls without unlocking the screen is very convenient.

Some of this might be hardware specific, so let me repeat that I am using a Samsung Focus.  The video is incredible on this device.  Just watching the trailers from Zune’s Movie Trailers video podcast stream shows off the display strengths.

Streaming to my Ford Sync equipped vehicle is flawless (although the interface needs some work on Sync or maybe a Sync WP7 app). 

I find myself using a wired headset when using my phone for media playback.  The phone handles the transition from media playback to handling phone calls.  The lowering of volume to alert you of an incoming call is nice, when you take the call the media pauses, allowing you to pick right up where you left off when the call ends.  One should expect that I guess, but it is nice when it is implemented cleanly.

The Zune software has always been strong in my opinion.  Connecting the phone to the established zune collection is seamless and the sync time is very clean, and even the conversion some content requires is efficient. 


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