My Quick Mobile Devices Chatter Rant

Okay, with the iPhone on Verizon Wireless news, everyone is talking about it.  Now that I have been on AT&T I can understand that to some degree.  My rant is about the consumer technology oriented podcasts.  When Windows Phone didn’t have copy & paste it was heckled and called amateur.  These same talking heads now make light of the CDMA inability to facilitate voice and data simultaneously.  The most recent I heard was “well I browse and talk so infrequently so it won’t be an issue”.  Sorry but I had a Droid and I feel the same way about Copy & Paste.  Windows Phone team made sure “Copy & Paste” was the major update in the first update and I can think of a few other things they should have focused on.  Would it be nice? Certainly.  Is it critical? To me it’s not.  I just find it funny to hear the bias colored talk, but I don’t find it funny that this same partiality influences the market.  Just saying.

Update: Let me just say that I am not completely against Copy & Paste being implemented, for me its not important.  I just think that if you claim you will be improving the platform and have a better idea of how mobile updates should be done, this is not what you want to advertise.  How about making OneNote useable, allow email to attach a local document not just pictures, or even better connect it to Skydrive natively.


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