Not So Fast

This is the first health related post in quite some time.  The reason for no posts was simple, my health was back to a normal path.  That changed about a month ago.  My TM (Transverse Myelitis) came back, and this time seems to be even more severe than the original onset.  The symptoms while similar where compounded by pain as well as affecting my right leg. 

So at this point, the lower back is extremely painful;both feet are constantly under barrage as they alternate between feeling like they are on fire to the pins and needles of being asleep; numbness from the abdomen down; and two legs that have difficulty responding.

With this comes bouts with a fever and what seems to be another more severe symptom.  On previous bouts, the doctors would notate an enlarged spleen.  It has been painful before but more along the lines of annoying.  This time around it is very painful and the larger size is now very obvious to the naked eye.  After a great 4th of July weekend (lots of walking around, or should I say hobbling) the symptoms were getting to me, especially the spleen related issues.

While I already had an appointment, it wasn’t for close to two weeks.  I called my Hemotologist who suggested I check in to the Emergency room.  8 hours later and obvious verification my spleen was enlarged, I walked away tired and with no medication or any other treatment.

Frustrating part is I have gone several rounds with my doctor regarding the spleen.  As I mentioned the enlarged spleen has been mentioned over and over since my first bout of TM.  I am told that it can’t be removed based on the function it performs.  Considering my CVIDS, this makes no sense to me and now that it is extremely painful and enlarged (and hence at risk of rupture) I struggle with the loyalty I feel for my hemotologist.


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