Just a quick post.  My Samsung Focus went for a swim the other day.  Despite efforts to save it, the screen went psychedelic.  I debated whether I should pay for insurance on the device, but in this case being lazy saved me.  I called the device insurance claim number went through the annoying automated prompts and then spoke with a representative.  The whole process was much easier than I expected, but I was also quick to admit the destruction of the phone was my fault and not a warranty issue.

So the claim was made and now I was at an awkward point with no phone and expecting a few calls.  I followed the fedex tracking information.  In the end I had a new device the very next afternoon.  I would have to say I was very surprised and satisfied by the whole process.

Now I do have to disclose that I did get a new device via the device warranty period.  That process was in no way as customer friendly.  The power/data port stopped recognizing chargers.  Luckily using the USB cable from my old Motorola Droid I was able to keep it charged up.  I spoke with AT&T and went through the barrage of questions, then took it to an AT&T store.  I was told there was a location I could go to locally to complete the warranty replacement.  While it was local, it wasn’t very convenient.  I took it to another AT&T store, where they actually tried to help.  They connected my device to the charger used for the floor display model, when that didn’t work, they brought out a new battery and connected it back to the charger.  When the device still signed no recognition of the charging source, they called technical support and started the warranty replacement. 

The kicker is they want us to use our cell phones to be our primary device but the support model doesn’t really conform to that.


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