Seven Years Later and a Whole New Diagnosis

While it is premature to write this, the fact that it even came up seems notable.  With this recent flare up the same battery of tests have been enacted.  As I mentioned before, with a new Neurologist, the simple diagnosis of Transverse Myelitis became less simple.

So after the CAT scan, I was sent to see a Pulmonary specialist.  This doctor had a barrage of questions.  When it was all said and done I was introduced to a new term.  Granted additional blood tests as well as a to be scheduled bronchoscopy with biopsy are still needed but the new thought is I have Sarcoidosis.

Cleveland Skyline According to the doctors this could be good.  After doing some reading maybe they are right, but after all of these years and so many experts it is frustrating.  More frustrating is all the doctors agree I have to undergo some intense steroid treatment to alleviate the debilitating symptoms I have been experiencing for over a month but they won’t start treatments until all of the tests are done.  Yes if I wasn’t the patient I might understand that but as the patient it is infuriating.


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