Windows Phone 7–Hardware

As I have posted, the majority of my Windows Phone 7 usage is on a Samsung Focus.  I do have access to the LG device that was part of the US Windows Phone 7 release.  Looking at these two devices I have to say this is the Achilles heel of the platform.  To be fair I saw the same issue when I used an Android device as well as Windows Mobile and to be honest the Windows operating system.

The Samsung is a very nice device from design but then there are the annoyances.  I won’t even mention the lack of an LED for notifications because more and more devices are sadly removing them.  The first debacle with the Focus was the microSD card.  It came with 8MB for storage, which for a device that is supposed to act as a phone and media consumption that is just not adequate.  They built a microSD card slot but then support for it became a public joke.  Yes I put a 32GB microSD card in and have not had an issue.  After that was the NoDo updates issue.  Yes part of this was OS related and then AT&T further exacerbated the issue by delaying it.  The bigger issue seemed to be getting the update to work on the Samsung devices.  In both cases Windows Phone 7 was smeared, but from my perspective that was unfair or mis-directed.

Now compare the OS experience going from the Samsung Focus to the LG device… The LG is a heavy brick of a device in comparison.  The screen is small and the resolution adequate at best.  The user’s experience has them looking at another platform.  However most of the reasons the user is considering a platform change can be attributed to the underwhelming experience the hardware offers. 

Just a note, the one thing the LG has that I wish the Samsung had, and certainly not the physical keyboard, is the Play-To feature.  No comment on all the press iOS gets about their apple tv connectivity as if its revolutionary, yet the LG device can play media to my network connected TVs directly.

In my opinion this is the same perception issue that the Windows desktop has experienced. 


4 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7–Hardware

  1. How often do first impressions set the tone for an entire experience? I remember Steve Ballmer stressing what an important lesson that was from the Windows 95 launch. This shows what a challenge MS faces in the Mobile arena. It will be interesting to see the first fruit of the MS/Nokia deal. I am still hopeful for some exciting results.

    • Agreed. I really look forward to what comes of the MS/Nokia partnership. From what I have seen of Nokia and how more OEMs are interested in jumping in at that point, Mango could be the real litmus test.

  2. This review comes from a previous iPhone owner and as this is a good phone I was like most of the people bored with its UI and plus with Apple style, examples here are iTunes which sucks compared to Zune and list goes on…Well so saying that I wanted to give it shoot; here I am after 4 weeks using it. The first thing is…nothing is perfect and especially a very first release of this OS. However, for a first release the phone deserves definitely 5 stars and one extra for Microsoft having enough balls of risking and releasing its original perception of UI – not copying iPhone, Android or Blackberry. It was risky but Uncle “Steve” Ballmer deserves this one!

    Things that I Like:

    -Awesome, beautiful display (4″ perfect size)
    -Blazing speed of the OS
    -Live tiles
    -expandable memory
    -phone doesn’t drop calls unlike iPhones (not even one drop for full 4 weeks so far)
    -feels solid not plastic like some people think
    -Bing voice recognition search, maps etc,
    -Seamless Exchange integration as well as regular local Outlook accounts
    -Can open my Corporate email attachments seamlessly(pptx, xlsx, docx, pdfs)
    -Zune Player
    -The best phone on the market if you are serious gamer
    -Xbox apps are awesome
    -Skydrive integration
    -Can take battery out/replace it/full access to the guts of it.

    Things I don’t like:

    -no copy, paste (but it is coming early next year)
    -no multitasking (coming early next year)
    -no flash for IE (coming next year, read Adobe is working on it)
    -not many apps only 4000 (but apps growing fast)
    -wireless sync is lacking on demand sync and the phone has to be connected to the charger (I read this is also coming as a next year’s update)
    -Why Microsoft didn’t release this phone 2-3 years ago!!!

    Bottom line is, I love this phone. For the first early release it is a success for Microsoft, the things that are missing would be quickly added with the new software update, at least we don’t have to wait 3 years….right Apple funboys….? Some WP7 haters would pinpoint on the sales numbers as compared to iPhone and Android, well I thing we have to give it time so the phone market for WP7 can go with full speed. Also, no matter how great this phone is it has to compete with already established market of OSX and Android. So, whoever is on the market for new phone forget about “OLD” Windows Mobile and at least try it out(Samsung Focus)…you won’t be disappointed.

    • Nice take. A few of the items you state are coming where part of NoDo and for those who received NoDo they already have them. The copy and paste part I blew off but now that its available I use it very often and its easier than it was on my Droid and looking at the Mango implementation it appears to get better. Wireless sync has been with the Zune for awhile now, its a nice feature but more troublesome (synchig during playback) than convenient.
      I have never used an iPhone but have been a Droid, Blackberry and Windows Mobile user. The Samsung Focus is sleek and powerful. There are a few annoyances with the device but I wouldn’t trade it, until we see the real Mango devices 😉 The OS is easy to use and as the apps mature the device is coming to the market level. I kind of like that it’s still a niche’ device because I picked it and despite the chatter still think its a very good choice.

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