Well we think it is but….

So as my last post preluded, the information I received yesterday was sort of expected.  The doctor called to talk to me about the final findings of the last test.  As has been my history (diagnosis of CVIDS, lymphoma, Hodgkins, etc…) the doctor’s findings fall right into line.  The lymphnode biopsy was negative for Sarcoidosis, but the lung washings (huh?) showed potential evidence of Sarcoidosis.  In short, we think you have it but there is not enough information to actually provide a diagnosis.  The doctor will confer and determine what long term treatment can be crafted, my translation … not a damn thing will happen.

In the meantime I have been basically hobbling to work and trying to survive as I wait for treatment for the original symptoms (TM).  I am out of time to take at work to address issues or be off sick/hurt.  I am scheduled for three days of massive steroids starting tomorrow (7.29.2011), which as I recall provided some relief but it was certainly no fix.  The carousel just spins round and round.


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