Windows Phone 7–App NextGen Reader

Admittedly I am hooked on Google Reader.  I was enjoying the service but then they ported it to and it became completely useless for me.  While I am not a fan of google mail or pretty much any of their other services, I use RSS to keep tabs on everything.  With Google Reader I can access them from any computer.

When I started using Windows Phone 7 my first search was for a good RSS app.  I tried several that connected to my google reader account but wasn’t impressed with any of them.  Then one was updated and I have to same I am hooked.  NextGen Reader provides a nice interface into my google reader within the Windows Phone 7 interface.  The newest version added a feature I really love.  You can now share an item to several services and the interface for the sharing is well laid out to look good and provide excellent options.

One of the services it allows you to add to is your Messenger Connect stream.  This is pretty funny with all of the talk of tech companies being in the social game.  No, I really don’t use Windows Live Messenger but is one of the products of the Messenger Connect.  When it first started (Wave 3 I believe) I used it a ton.  Most corporate firewalls didn’t seem to block it and I could interact with the stream to include Facebook activity.  When the service was first rolled out you could connect to your twitter stream too but that was removed and I moved away from it.  However with the new version of NextGen I can post to Windows Live as well as twitter… the post will get to my facebook stream by either the Windows Live post or the twitter post.

Update:  I probably should point out as sharing goes… If I am using to read and share my RSS followings if I use email to share an item it would use my gmail account.  Just a personal preference but I prefer to use my MSN/Hotmail/Windows Live (personal) or Office365 (professional) account and with NextGen Reader you are prompted to pick one of the accounts you have configured on your phone when sharing an item via email.  Just a convenient option.

In short the app allows me to follow the current events I want to track and share them with ease.


3 thoughts on “Windows Phone 7–App NextGen Reader

    • No thank you, the most recent version of the app has me using the Phone much more. Adding the share to Windows Live is a great feature and I wish more apps on the platform used the native service like that! I also want to thank you for giving me early access to the beta version it was great to see what was coming. Keep up the great work!

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