Windows Phone 7–Windows Live

As I mentioned in my only Windows Phone 7 app review the one feature that was implemented was sharing on Windows Live, something I think other WP7 developers should embrace.  As I scroll through for more apps there is lots of talk about sharing on Twitter and Facebook but nary a mention of Windows Live.  Sure I am partial to the Windows Live platform and think it’s a product that hasn’t been marketed very well.

Yes, I have an account on as many of these as I can.  I still prefer twitter for it’s lightweight usability and hated when it was dropped from the Windows Live connected services and hope the rumors of it returning are true and soon.  How does this apply to Windows Live you ask?

What seems to be an unknown and certainly under-used feature is with your Windows Live ID you get; a customizable home page to your stream of activity (email, messenger, calendar, the things you would expect) plus you can extend it to include things like Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress, and the other activities you may be involved with.


Below is what my Windows Live stream is connected to.  Pretty varied.


Again, I miss twitter showing up in that list and hope it returns soon.  So how does all of this work or even make sense?  Again this is completely my personal use but from my I can check what’s going on throughout the varied sources I check on.  I don’t have to have my browser full of tabs and logged into to all of these services.  I can also interact where the connected service allows.  For example if a facebook item that appears in my stream draws my attention and I want to “Like” or comment on it, I can do it right from my stream without logging into Facebook.

Of course since I am using a Windows Phone 7 device, this stream and interactivity is also available in my People Hub in the What’s New feed. 

Sounds one way huh? Actually depending on the service it’s not.  Using a normal scenario I read an item on my WP7 NextGen Reader and then share it on Live/Twitter.  Great so now my Windows Live friends and twitter followers see it… not so fast… because I have facebook connected to Windows Live as well as twitter (yeah I need to clean that up and pick just one) that same posted item will show up to my facebook friends.  The entry coming from my Windows Live stream is much more aesthetically pleasing but the content is accurate when its cross posted. 

Showing how from Windows Live you can interact with your facebook stream without being in Facebook.

I am certainly not saying one is better than the other, just pointing out what seems to be a misunderstood and what could be a useful service if for nothing other than aggregating and interacting with the multitude of services we use frequently.


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