Likely Diagnosis

So, I am still trying to digest the “likely” diagnosis but wanted to record something before it got lost in the churning of my mind.

Arrived back at work today to find a voicemail from the Pulmonary doctor waiting.  Why I wasn’t called on my personal number is just a small annoyance but would have been nice to use my time off to get the necessary blood test done without impacting my already dwindling allowable time off from work… oh well.

So I return the doctor’s call, sort of hopeful.  About 5 hours later I get a call back.  To the doctor’s credit, she already had a treatment plan in mind.  However it was prefaced with “based on some additional testing, it is likely you have Sarcoidosis.”  Yep, you have to love the “likely” pre-cursor.  Considering all of the potential diagnosis (from cat scratch fever, Hodgkins, MS, etc…) this isn’t really out of the norm in my history but still does not instill a great deal of confidence.

So now I have some research to do and find a way to get all of this done without jeopardizing my employment.. yeeeha

On the bright side, if it is neurosarcoidosis this article seems promising.  The downside is the effects on the immune system.


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