Windows Phone 7 – Updates

Be warned this is a Rant.  So with the issues we saw with NoDo and the feedback one expected the Mango rollout to be handled differently.  In some ways it was, AT&T didn’t drag their feet approving it, the update worked with minimal (no issues in my case) issues on the Samsung Focus.  All good right?  Ummm No!

So I used the method outline on wpcentral to get my phones updated.  Now the reports did say that the rollout was going to be  gradual so why am I complaining right?  I purchased my Samsung Focus on the day of it’s United States release, entering an AT&T store a few hours after it opened.  Considering I am in the Eastern Standard Time Zone that would be the first possible hours of the launch.  Based on numbers the release of Windows Phone have not been huge.  So how did a customer who bought the phone just a few hours after the launch not fall into the first wave of updates?

I have Mango so no big deal huh?  I have not been able to confirm this but it would seem that since I updated my phone before it was selected for update means it is not registered correctly because when I access the new Web version of the Windows Phone app market when I try to get a 7.5 only app I am rewarded with:


learn how to update your phone?”  Wow that’s intuitive. 

I am still learning the new features and really like the update to what was already a very nice mobile platform but the update process really needs improvement.


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