Treatment – Still Waiting

So, I did the course of Methotrexate (100mg a week) and a full week has passed since.  No real difference in the symptoms that existed before which is disappointing but not really unexpected.  The side-effects of the medication really didn’t have an impact after the first week.  Last week I received a note in the mail that the respiratory specialist has scheduled an x-ray, respiratory test and of course an office visit weeks from now.  Getting it in the mail is a little unsettling as it wasn’t predicated with any conversation that might outline the purpose and why the amount of time between medication and testing.  Having been through all of this I am pretty sure there is an easy to predict reason … the amount of time allows the medication to run it’s full course and the testing will be more accurate in determining the results if any …  Two issues, none of the previous diagnostics have been able to construct a firm diagnosis.  The “enlarged nodules”, that have been pointed to and is the primary reason sarcoidosis has been tagged as the next “you likely have” (in the past it has been Hodgkins or some form of lymphoma and my TM was attributed to an early form of MS when I first showed symptoms), have been there for quite some time.  Why this is frustrating is probably the lack of treatment, and more specifically the steroid treatment. 

No the steroid prescription isn’t technically a treatment but more of a pain medication and not something that will help curb or cease the condition.  Without the steroids, things are unbearable at times which is a funny contradiction as they come with some side effects I don’t really like but it’s a case of the lesser of two evils I guess.

I have held off on calling my doctor and asking, maybe a little negative but I have been through this and really would rather not be disappointed again.


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