Windows Phone 7 and OTA

With mango comes some regular OTA updates.  This seems to only apply to app updates but it is a nice feature.  That it works via 3G and not just WiFi or tethered mode is nice.  Definitely not critical, at least it hasn’t been with the apps I have had updated.  Now this seems to work better than the built-in podcast automatic updating but I need to watch that more closely to verify the frequency.   On the podcast note, I think part of the issue is there is a default size issue that demands a wifi connection.  While I understand wanting to help users so they don’t exceed their data usage, that should be the users option, if they want to download media via cellular and not just wifi/tether that should be their choice.

Also something to point out.  I had noticed that my phone’s connection to my home wifi was frustratingly inconsistent.  Even after NoDo and Mango, there were times when I had to restart my wifi router to get the phone to connect.  None of my other wireless devices had an issue but they rarely left the proximity but I had been disappointed with the signal strength I had observed when just outside of my house.  I have grown leery of the Linksys products since Cisco took over.  I recently upgraded my internet service and was offered a chance to use their wireless access point or use my current access point (are you listening UVerse?).   I opted to try their device.  The phone now connects right up every time it comes into range and where it would lose connection as I walked out my garage it seems to stay connected a decent distance down the street and the wideband is a definite upgrade.


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