Pondering in the Interim

So, I have been without treatment, to include the steroids for about a month now.  I imagine I will get more steroids after my upcoming xrays.  That will be in the interim as they re-submit for the treatment previously denied.

The time in between has me reflecting back and trying to remember how this progressed and more importantly remission.  As I have researched this “likely” culprit the common belief is remission can be three to ten years.  I don’t recall it being that long with the first onset, but then again there was a near fatal episode of DIC which was also attributed to some form of immune system deficiency.

Of course thoughts teeter on both ends of the spectrum.  Right now, the back pain is much less severe but there are other sources of pain.  Most mornings the left leg seems to operate so much better (or should I say closer to normal) but by the afternoon I start tripping over my own feet again.  Every new sensation or a sense of less sensations makes me wonder if that’s a sign.  A new pain in the leg and I think “hey I can feel that, maybe that’s a good sign” which is normally short lived as by the end of the day the pain has returned to the now normal levels I expect and the leg is a useless limb.

I am really noting this now so that if this goes into remission and then returns I have a general timeline for future reference.


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