Treatment Delayed

Well I should be talking about any effects of the new treatment.  Sadly I can’t.  During the holiday break I got a case of shingles.  That made for a less than stellar week off and then a few days of work.  The January 5th appointment was postponed due to an active infection.  Granted my concerns about treatment and the diagnosis just not seeming complete may have been a catalyst for this outbreak.  However I do think there is some irony in the fact that when the doctor put me on methotrexate (as well as the infliximab) one of the cautions would be the impacts it would have on my immune systems.  So it seems a little odd that because of a side effect they knew about, they have chosen to hold off on treatment.

The kicker is the symptoms are getting worse.  Mobility has become a huge issue the last two weeks and the numbness that radiates from the back to the front is more prominent making for finding a comfortable sitting position impossible.


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