Treatment–Round 5

So five infusions done as of today.  Interesting thing was I noticed one of the symptoms, the paralysis in my left leg, was improving.  During the two episodes of what is now diagnosed as Sarcoidosis there is the flow of responding to every change, a new pain here a spasm there, and you think this could be a sign of progress but after months you start to just ignore them. 

This time however I was being keenly aware since the increase in my weekly methotrexate dosage was kicking my butt and I wanted to see if I could adjust to it before I asked my doctor about changing medication or lowering the dosage.  Also cognizant that my leg would feel a little better when waking up and a little more when I was home for the weekend.  With that in mind I monitored the motion and pain/numbness level closely. 

As I have grown to expect after a few hours at work there was some change but still the ability to take normal strides with my left leg was much improved since almost one year ago.  Certainly not enough progress to consider the term remission but a pretty positive sign.  Yes I would love all of the symptoms to go away but some symptoms never truly ceased but if I can pick one of the symptoms to recover it would be the use of my leg.


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