Treatment-All Clear

So after a 140 minutes in the MRI tube (completely counter productive – your back hurts so you have to sit on this god-awful bench for over two hours) I guess the results indicate I am all healed.  The MRI tests were ordered after several infusions to determine if the treatment was working.  Listening to the PA (I still don’t have a doctor after the original physician who started me on the treatment left the hospital) all of the tests indicated there were no signs of the lesions or other indicators.  I find that all a little odd, if not infuriating, since as I had told her yesterday my back still hurts, my side (around the spleen) still hurts, I still have the same abdomen discomfort, still experiencing the same evacuation issues and oh yeah I still can’t walk or maintain a normal gait.  To which the PA asked how was Physical Therapy going which spawned a 10 year flashback… I am not in Physical Therapy, wouldn’t that be something you doctors order/prescribe.

So while I should probably be celebrating I find myself simply dumbfounded. Granted I still have suspicions about the diagnosis, but it’s hard to argue “why do I still have the same symptoms if I am healed?”.  I guess it’s back to the self-prescribed physical therapy routine.


2 thoughts on “Treatment-All Clear

  1. Ive been off work from work injury for almost 8 mo now! 1 mri 7 mo ago and over 100 pt apts and getting worse! I so feel your pain! I started looking for something to help. Keep in mind 8 mo of pain pills so you can imagine my evacuation issues! Also pain never went away! Check out my blog and i may be able to help with some of your issues till they figure it out! Let me know! Im gonna follow you . Hope you get relief soon! Sherri

    • I couldn’t afford to not work in my case. All of the appointments put one job in jeopardy and I had to find another job. Other than the steriods I have not really been given anything for the pain, and I don’t recall much of any such medicated with the first onset a few years ago. What I did find helped the first time, once I regained some mobility I started doing my own PT (tired of hearing doctors saying I should be in PT but never ordering/prescribing it, not to mention I have already lost enough time at work).
      Thanks, following you back.

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