Windows Phone 7 – Lumia 900

So it’s been a few months now so I figured I should post.

To get it out of the way right away… Windows Phone 8 announcement and it’s demoting the Lumia 900. I find it odd that Microsoft and Nokia spent so much marketing a phone that they knew was going to be lessened. I did hold off on getting the Lumia knowing Windows Phone 8 was near, there were conflicting reports of whether or not the Lumia 900 would or would not run Windows Phone 8. My Samsung Focus was wearing thin and when I saw the lame second version they came out with, combined with the AT&T pricing for the Lumia 900… I got a sweet phone. My reaction to Windows Phone 8 not running on Lumia 900 was disappointment. Not anger and I do not think the Lumia 900 instantly became a brick. Between the software Nokia continues to roll out and improve and the updates Windows Phone 7 is slated to receive I can see this being a viable device for quite some time.

So with special pricing and the trade-in value for my Samsung Focus I spent around $50 for a new phone. Out of the box the device looks great, feels solid without being heavy and the display is great.

The button placement (all of the buttons on the same side of the device) was an adjustment (Samsung Focus had Power and Camera button on one side and the volume controls on the other) but I found the placement more ideal especially when in landscape mode watching video podcasts or other videos. The buttons seem to have a slightly audible rattle if you pay close enough attention, an odd annoyance considering the quality of the build and a basically seamless device.

I put a case on it originally but it really just detracted from what is a very cool looking device and the screen and case have really held up well to normal wear and tear without a cover. The body and screen seem near scratch proof, but they have this silver medallion to advertise the Carl Zeiss lens and this does not enjoy the same benefit as it seems to scratch very easily.

The camera is a little disappointing, but I prefer taking pictures with my DSLR. Nokia’s camera extras software, especially the panorama mode, add some great features and the camera is adequate in a pinch.

Call quality (who uses their phone for phone calls?) is very good. The sound for ringtones and alerts is very good which was a big upgrade from the Samsung Focus. Volume for music and video is very good (oh I wish the Zune premium headphones had a microphone).

Wifi issues were fixed almost immediately in a fix rolled out (amazingly AT&T didn’t hold that back). Interestingly enough I cross into several areas where LTE coverage is available.

As expected the phone was much faster than the Samsung Focus I had been using.

The charger that comes with the phone is great for charging the phone quickly, oddly you cannot order one as an accessory.

In general this is a very nice phone and I can only hope Nokia sticks to the same form factor for their Windows Phone 8 device.

Of course the biggest problem continues, AT&T and their decisions to not update the platform. Nokia rolls out exclusive apps and a few (Nokia Counters) require the latest version. While other carriers have rolled out Tango, no signs of it on AT&T.


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