Big Phone–Lumia 1520

So, I heard all the chatter about the 920 and “that won’t even fit in your pocket” (oh how wrong) but I just went from the 920 to the 1520. No doubt this one doesn’t just slide into your jeans pocket but it does fit in the pocket. The 1520 is substantially lighter than the 920 despite the major difference in size. Oh you want to see the difference?


So on the left is the Lumia 920 and to its right is my new Lumia 1520.

So aside from the size difference… the 1520 is lighter and the edges are rounded cleanly and comfortably. I love my 920, so much I kept it and plan on using it as my media player, especially for times when I don’t want to risk my phone, like working out, riding a bike, mowing the lawn, you catch my drift. I had been looking for a 520, oh how I miss my Zune, but hey keeping my 920 is a much better option. Even with no cell service, the wifi is great, I can run the apps and more importantly use the great media player and all of my XBox Music content.

First things I would like to point out about my 1520:

  • So I got my phone at the AT&T store… figured being there would be great for the initial install and sync of data since I was in their location and on their network. Bad idea. Their guest wifi is way too saturated and LTE signal abysmal, go figure.
  • Going from the 920 to the 1520 was more than a device upgrade. With it came GDR3 and the new Nokia firmware. Personally for me this was huge. Little details like giving contacts a ringtone, not just for calls but also for text messages, something I had voted many times for on ; the Glance screen shows new messages, emails and other notifications. Just some real nice enhancements and much sooner than I had come to expect considering how long it took to get GDR2.  I still have to go through but being able to close tasks from the multi-tasking screen is nice.
  • Performance – there is no doubt this is an upgrade. All aspects of performance are markedly better, as one would expect when upgrading. Seems self-explanatory but isn’t always the case when upgrading.
  • Button layout… that the back button and the search button, the search button more importantly, are more to the center of the capacitive bar is huge. In just a few hours it was easy to see how less frequently I will be aggravated when I inadvertently hit the search button when simply picking up the phone and rotating it in my hand.
  • Accessories. This issue I am torn on. Considering how often a new device is released I can only imagine that developing accessories is something that is just not feasible. By the time a manufacturer designs one, and puts it into production they have probably already heard about a new model. The lack of accessories is an issue in my mind. For starters the Qi charging is not in this phone so there go several of my already purchased accessories. I am not a fan of putting a case/shell on my phone, but a case so I could clip it on my belt would have been nice.

I continue to be a fan of this platform. With the Lumia devices it has grown even stronger. Even the apps issue, not something that concerned me from day one, is improving in large measures. Now I have to do some more testing with this device.


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