Call the doctor or not

This tends to be common for me, get a cold and when the symptoms linger you debate whether you should call the doctor or am I just panicking. Well the day before a big move I got a cold and I quickly sensed it was more than a cold…. but I had a ton of boxes and furniture to move and very little time to do it. I got a call that my new IVIG Infusion was approved and they could get me in… nope I have to get this move done, rescheduled to the next week.
Move finally completed, cold obviously worse. I make my infusion appointment and they prescribe me some antibiotics since what I suspected was more than a cold is certainly more than a cold at this point.
The doctor said that it might take a few hours, maybe overnight, but I could be feeling much worse as all of the IVIG hits my system while I have an active infection. Uggh was he right.
The problem is despite some minor relief I have not gotten back and the cold seems pretty much gone at this point, yes still taking the antibiotics as prescribed. The kicker is some of the symptoms are similar to what I was feeling a few years ago when I had a near fatal DIC episode. This time however I am still functioning, not well but that’s another story. So the internal debate consumes me…


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