Fitness Tracker – my new MS Band

Real horrible timing but the day before I went on the shelf (hanging in the ER for several days) I received a Microsoft Band. Admittedly this wasn’t an easy decision. I really liked my Fitbit Flex and when that died I started using my Lumia 1520. I loved the Fitbit flex, especially since the tracker could be removed which was very handy when performing activities like bicycle activity. Being able to shower with the device on was also handy in my opinion.

Then the new trackers starting coming out. I didn’t like that you couldn’t shower with them on, and the non-removable tracker. While the technology, or the complexity of the newer devices, justified it, these were devices for a simple purposes. I held off on getting a new device.

As I have mentioned on here, after being struck with Transverse Myelitis running really wasn’t an option so I rely on my bicycle (one day I would like to add a racing bike to my mountain bike). With a recent update to the Microsoft Band, bicycle training was a focus. That pretty much did it. To be fair, watching someone interact with their text messages via their band helped. The other feature that swayed my decision was the, at least advertised, tracking of other workouts such as weight lifting.

I received the device. Now this is funny, much like people negated the Lumia 1520 because it was too big and bulky, similar things were said about the Band. Like I said it was funny because I found it petty then and it’s just as petty with this device. The display is great, it can actually be worn as a watch instead of a watch on one wrist and a tracker on the other.

Interaction with the phone and customization is great. The dashboard offers some good information but I wish it had the social piece that Fitbit provided for that extra level of encouragement.

Hopefully I will be able to put this to its real test soon as I start working out.


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