Kicking the tires #microsoftband

So I have had a chance to test this device in the last few days. Obviously still not at 100% my testing has been limited but with that said I am really liking this device.

First test was a quick bike ride… a very quick ride. Actually two, as I realized quickly I had not done spring maintenance on the bike after a long winter, had to ride back home and fill the tires… Then a quick run with the bike. The band asks if you want to use GPS.. nice… the data when I was done was pretty detailed… a map which included location but also a color code of how fast in certain areas, then the grade changes (not much on this ride but I really like this feature) and all of the heart rate stuff.

Next was my preferred exercise method, strength training. I went down to the gym set my band into exercise mode and did a quick, but spirited, workout. The information again was what I would expect. How hard I was working and how well my body was recovering. Granted currently the recovering is a little more important to me considering all that has happened the last week or so, but even when healthy this is a great indication of your physical conditioning. Another workout last night, this one a more established routine and done using my old friend the Bowflex. Tracking the Aerobic and Anaerobic results was very interesting. Sure I did know without the use of a device that I got in a pretty good workout for someone who was just laid up in the hospital, but the numbers are interesting and something I look forward to tracking as I progress.

Then there is this news which makes me even more excited about my decision to go with this product. You can see there is a great deal of technology in this product and as expected it appears it is not just released and forgotten, even for a Gen 1 product.


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