What I am Using – Technology

It was time to update this and I will have to spend some time….

Microsoft Surface Pro – Added this to the arsenal a few months ago. I love this device, and I have to say I hated the idea of a tablet. I set one up for a friend and in that short time, I had to have one. The Windows 8.1 upgrade made it even better. Add some apps that work on the phone and computer the fit is perfect.

Nokia Lumia 1520 – Much more to come.

Nokia Lumia 920 – I used this as my everyday phone until I upgraded to the 1520. I love this phone so much I chose to keep it. I have always worried about discarding a media player for a higher priced phone for media consumption, especially when working out, mowing the lawn, etc… Even without cell service this is a full featured device and I still have access to all of my Xbox Music.

Xbox Music – Jury is still out on this one for me. Still loyal to the now dead Zune device and software, I grudgingly pushed on with Xbox Music. I checked a few alternatives but as of right now I am using Xbox Music to consume music and podcasts. I was very happy with it but recently there were two apps released for WindowsPhone, separate (kind of) of the Music & Video hub. Podcasts is not included in the Xbox Music app, but so far the Music & Video hub is still functional as well as the Podcast aggregation and consumption.



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