iPhone meet Compressor

File this under Doh! I started having issues with charging my iPhone. Based on timing I thought it was because of a recent update. I tossed a few cables, bought new ones making sure they were “certified”. The issue just kept getting worse. Even with the OEM cable. I would insert the cable and unless I pressed firmly it would never register and eventually I would get the annoying Apple message about not being an approved accessory.

I went to the AT&T store to inquire because it was getting worse and no juice there is no phone and let’s face it, that is just not going to work. The representative mentioned that it was probably lint, dust etc and that if I take it to the Apple store they will clean it but they can’t do it at the AT&T store. This is puzzling since the Apple store won’t apply the screen protectors but AT&T will but moving on. Doing everything I can to avoid going to an Apple store it was time to try something.

I had read about tweezers and toothpicks but hey I was never very good at that game called Operation back in the day so… First I tried to use the Shop Vac in my shop. Concentrating the nozzle, results were no improvement. Now what… So I use the air compressor to blow saw dust from crevices in my tools when the Shop Vac can’t get it… Fire up the compressor and attach the fine nozzle… a couple quick shots, now let’s test. First cable that had sporadic connectivity… simple insert, no manipulation and ding “charging”, moved the phone and stayed charging. Now let’s test the car charger that no matter what would not register as being connected… gentle insert and nothing else… ding “charging”.

No doubt a short term fix for what I think is less than great engineering but I got to use a power tool and saved myself from finding time to get to an apple store and wait in the queue. Maybe this will help someone else.