Pens – yes I have a problem

Okay so I don’t normally post about this topic but considering where my health is, this is a personal diversion.

I have always had a love for pens and watches, and I mean always. Pens have probably been always the worse of the two. Along this topic is fountain pens. Granted I am no purist and only use cartridge based fountain pens. I love Cross writing instruments for their look. They always made great pencils and ball point/roller ball pens. I tried their porous point and gell roller ball type cartridges and loved them. For pencils and more conventional ink pens I think Parker and Rotring are my favorites. Cross ink cartridges have recently been less than stellar in terms of quality.

But this is about fountain pens. Yes I use a computer a great deal but I still prefer taking hand written notes and there is just something about writing with a fountain pen. The Cross versions are just such a pain they normally end up sitting on the dresser. They are great when you first get them and if you use them every day they seem to be fine, but in my experience if you don’t use them for a few days and they stop flowing ink to the nib. I have done the defined maintenance to get them writing again but they never seem to return to a usable state.

I bought some Pentel Varsity fountain pens and really loved them. For the price they are great, the ink flow, the feel of the nib as you write. The only issue was I could not find a fine point nib for them. When I searched for fine point fountain pens it always led me to Lamy pens. I bought the Safari, not a look I would normally be drawn to but a good value, I love pens but they have to be well priced. This is a really nice pen and I have not had issues with the refills or getting it back to writing after the nib has one dry like I did with the Cross versions. I had always wondered if the issue with the Cross fountain pens was where the clip was placed. If you clipped it to your shirt pocket the nib is facing up so maybe gravity reversed the flow of ink from the nib. The Lamy has the same configuration but I have gone days without using it but when I do it is writing with no need to squeezing the ink cartridge or using a paper towel to draw some ink through the channel.

The fine nib is nice but not quite the easy flow you find with the medium nib. Hey you can get different nibs for this pen without needing to replace the whole tip. Not easy to get but available, so I bought a medium nib. Wow this is a well designed pen. Replacing the nib is so easy… a little pressure on the ball of the nib with the pen cap and you pull the current nib off. Slide the other nib on and you are back to writing with no need to flush the ink well or any other efforts to get the ink flowing again.