The System

I had been putting it off for some time, but with a recent insurance issue (no referral) that came up with the last evolution of office visits and diagnostics.  I have started using the Cleveland Clinic as my Primary Care Physician.  There is no really convenient location but I like Solon so I picked a doctor in that office.  Met with him today and very pleased, especially since I didn’t have to answer an array of questions because most of my pertinent information was already in their system.

Another cool feature is with CCF as my PCP you have access to your records online.  This might be a mixed blessing though.  I say that because you can read the edited test results and might read too much into them.  It was cool to actually see the specifics for example below is the IMMUNOGLOBULINS GAM:



717-1411 mg/dL




78-391 mg/dL




53-334 mg/dL


Yes, they are all low (Column A is the IG component, Column B is the test result and Column C is the range considered to be normal)….. no shock here, well no shock if you are me.

I also gave more blood for some additional tests to include LDL and Cholesterol…..

Sure I am a geek or whatever but this is pretty cool…  Before the day ended I received notification that the results of my recent tests were available… blood drawn at around 10:40 AM and results available around 5:00 PM).  I also received a message from my doctor analyzing the results… (Cholesterol, by good cholesterol numbers are high /* bear in mind I have been unable to workout for a few weeks */ but everything else looked good.

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